Alert motorists early about your business.    Adding height to your location’s look makes you stand out from the rest. with a pylon sign.  Pylon signs feature high visibility that stands out.  This dimensional pan formed sign can be seen from both directions of oncoming traffic from a distance.

Lighted  Awnings and Canopy Signs are vinyl  with fluorescent lamps. . Change and enhance the outside or your storefront  with  a versatile new look thats is economical, shelters customers from the elements and touts your brand.


LED SIGN when you need to communicate a changing message with the public, nothing attracts attention and captivates your audience like an electronic message centre.  With it’s bright colours and  movement, people are naturally drawn to view your message.



Perfect solution for limited space in a  downtown, or strip mall .  A pedestrian or driver may not be able to turn their head but can  see this sign standing out as they drive or walk by.  

Projecting signs can range from simple architectural elements to 3D sculpted cutouts,  digitally printed faces or  lighted cabinets.


Channel Letters in our showroom Led's, Neon,

Lighted Signs enhance and advertise  your business 24 hours a day. Lighted signs  are  available in different options – Wall, Monument, and Pole.

 Your lighted  sign can be either single faced or double-sided, with either a flat face or a raised face. Lighted  signs are visible from great distances.   

We are  ready to design and develop a beautiful lighted sign  that stands out from all the rest.       Stop in at  "A Sign Stop"  to let us show you how your lighted sign can bring more traffic to your business.  

MENU BOARDS  are attractive, economical means of posting everyday messages. Create mouth watering displays that draw a crowd.  A great way to showcase your best sale items A Sign Stop can photograph and show your best side.

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Adds sophistication to a business and can easily be installed on a median or lawn surrounded by landscaping   Materials include bricks, sign foam or aluminum. Combine the monument with a LED Messageboard or lightbox for illumination.

POST AND PANEL   Signs  can be created using single or double-sided panels, and the sign posts can be round, square, or half-moon. They can be lighted from the ground or other sources.   Perfect for real estate signs, permanent retail signs, directional signs, notices, exhibits, kiosks and more.  

CABINET FORM FACE     Form Faced Cabinet Sign – Think of these signs as taking a shape—a circle, square, triangle or rectangle and digitally printing your business name on them—and adding illumination.  

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CHANNEL LETTERS     are  one of the best marketing

and brand tools available. Indoors or outdoors; channel letters, or dimensional letters, come in  all kinds of styles with LED or Neon illumination. Stop in at a Sign Stop to see our sample lighted choices.


Come with a flat or pan face with full color vinyl graphics to advertise your business.  Look at the many types of Letter Styles we have below!  

 CHANGEABLE LETTER BOARDS  –  great for schools, churches and any type of establishment looking to announce, inform or educate.